Sunday, 2 February 2014

Candy Crush

Ah video games, for the younger generation, they are a new engaging medium full of possibility, and for adults they often seem like complete wastes of time.  In moderation, video games can stimulate areas in the brain that are tied to coordination, color matching and pattern recognition.

Especially if the game manages to stay pretty light, while providing enough challenge to satisfy even the most hardcore gamer. The way candy crush works is that its first levels are usually pretty straightforward and intuitive, and only after you advance for long enough do the levels get progressively harder.

Probably the biggest stepping stone is that game’s 158th level. This level is far beyond immediate resolution, and some players find themselves stuck on this particular challenge. So if you want to play candy crush and get through this stage quickly before your 5 lives expire, you should really consider looking up tips on how to play candy crush.

How this works is that you don’t only have to beat the game, but you have to do it at a minimum of 20 moves in order to win. The First thing is, of course, do not get frustrated. Candy crush gets its money by granting the player a limited number of lives, and if he/she wants to continue, a fee must be paid. This means that players are literally nervous when they start the level, and they are afraid that they’ll lose either time or money.

Second tip on how to play candy crush is to watch out for the chocolate factories that are situated near the area where the candy will drop. Players tend to focus on getting rid of the chocolates that are getting made by these factories, but that’s kind of useless because they will just go ahead and spawn more.

Try to use as many combinations as possible in order to facilitate vertical downward progression. Remember one of the key requirements of this level is that you get that cherry at the bottom, so by not doing this, and focusing on other distractions, you are doing yourself a disservice.

It features two major sides, a left and right one, and on the right one, getting matches in positions other than vertical is nearly impossible, so the same rule applies here.

Focus all of your energy on making combinations comprised of wrapped and strapped candies. The punch these babies have will definitely aid in your cherry’s descent.

Color bombs are also an effective option, although it is a difficult one to implement. Because of the intrinsic layout of the candies and their boards you will find that it is often difficult to make. But when you do, they will help you out allot.

It is even better when you combine this color bomb with the previously mentioned stripped candy. It will end up clearing a massive chunk of the board, and you can progress very quickly.

These are just some of the tricks you can use and ultimately, guides or not, your main goal in this game is to have some fun.
How to play candy crush

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